What is a Cloverbud or Explorer?

A Cloverbud is a youth enrolled in Kindergarten through 2nd grade as of January of the current year.
An Explorer is a youth enrolled in the Exploring project in 3rd through 4th grade.

“Make the Best Better” through “Learning By Doing”

Upcoming Meetings:

3.27.2017 Cloverbud Standing Committee meeting minutes

Upcoming Workshops:


Learn the 4-H Pledge!

Cloverbud Standing Committee Members:

Ann Goers, Washington Center – Chair (Term expires: 2017) – 608-712-9955, email
Christina Johnson, Cheese Country Clovers – Secretary (Term expires: 2017) – 608-426-4185, email
Kim Berg, Young Americans – Financial Secretary (Term expires: 2019) – 608-214-2330, email
Ryan Andrews, Next Generation (Term expires: 2018) – 608-293-0677, email
Tina Straws, Cheese Country Clovers (Term expires: 2019)
Ben Swedlund, New Horizons (Term expires: 2018)

Green County UW-Extension Office – 608.328.9440