Green County 4-H Goat Project members can access this page for important information regarding the Goat Project.  Updates will be made to events as applicable.  Resources are listed for websites to visit and learn more about the goat project as well.

Ifyou have any questions regarding the Green County 4-H Goat Project, contact Ron & Kelly Gordee at mlknhny@tds.net or contact Alissa Grenawalt, Green County 4-H Youth Development Agent, at 608-328-9440 or by email at alissa.grenawalt@ces.uwex.edu.


Managerial Goat Lease Form 2014
Press release regarding G0at Project in Green County – August 2013

Green County Workshops

Green County Goat Project Meeting
Saturday, April 26th ~ Green County Fairgrounds
Following the county-wide goat weigh-in, goat members are encouraged to bring hoof trimmers. There will be a short clinic on how to trim the hooves.  Contact Kelly Gordee at mlknhny@tds.net with any questions.

Green County 10th Annual 4-H Goat Fun Show
Saturday, May 10th ~ Green County Fairgrounds
Plan now to attend and participate in this goat fun show!  The show is open to youth ages 8-19 and you don’t have to be enrolled in the Goat project!  Contact Kelly Gordee at mlknhny@tds.net with any questions.

2014 Fun Show Class List
2014 Fun Show Entry Form


 Goat Resources

American Dairy Goat Association                                                    WIsconsin Dairy Goat Association
American Boer Goat Association                                                     International Boer Goat Association
American Meat Goat Association                                                    American Goat Society
International Kiko Goat Association                                                Goat World
Fias Co Farm


Goat Committee Members

Adults Members:
Ron & Kelly Gordee          mlknhny@tds.net
Alicia Gordee        608.306.3180
Gail Krebs     608.325.5070