If you have any questions regarding Agriculture in Green County, please contact: 

Mark Mayer
Green County Agriculture Agent
Professor, Dept. of Ag & Life Science
Green County UW-Extension
2841 6th Street
Monroe, WI 53566-9397
Phone: 608-328-9440


Latest News and Information

 2017 Crop Budget Analyzer     Crop Budget Cost Calculator for Wisconsin can help farmers in making their cropping decisions in the upcoming year.  It allows producers to construct enterprise budgets for corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and wheat.

NEW!  Ag Plastic Video by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board  Click to see how recycling ag plastic is helping Wisconsin farmers and the environment. 

Ag Plastic Recycling Revolution Plastics Flyer Click for information of receiving a dumpster and free on-farm pick up of Ag Plastics

Ag Plastic Recycling Presentation: 4 State Dairy Seminar, August /2016

UW-Extension Podcasts on Heat Stress & Summer Management of a Milking Herd  June 2016

 Economic Impacts of Agriculture in Green County 2014   pdf iconAgriculture works hard for Green County every day.  Family-owned farms, food processors and agriculture-related businesses generate thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of economic activity while contributing to local income and tax revenue.

Farm Custom Rates and Land Value Information

 WI Custom Rates 2013 pdf icon

Green County and Area Ag Land Purchase and Cash Rental Prices 2013 to 2016  pdf icon

Factors to Determine Land Rental Rates in 2017  pdf icon


Implement Husbandry Information

2015 IoH Permit Process for State, County and Town Roads in Green County

Instructions & Examples for Filling our IoH Permits        Spreadsheet Calculator for Axle & GVW Weight 

Video on How to Fill Out IoH Permits          IoH Weight and Measurement Chart

Changes of Implement of Husbandry Laws  Learn the definition of Implement of Husbandry based on Wisconsin Act 377.

New Lighting and Marking Requirements for Implements of Husbandry   Review the new lighting and marking requirements of implements of husbandry on public roads that went into effect November 2015.

To view a series of videos that outline the new Implement of Husbandry Law, visit the UW-Center for Agricultural Safety and Health webpage.

To view a site for information that also includes copies of the state permit forms,visit the Wisconsin Department of Transportation webpage.  

UW-Extension Ag Newsletters:  

Green County Agri-News Jan-March 2017 pdf icon

Green County DHI Newsletters

 The Dairy Partner/El Compañero is a bimonthly newsletter geared towards dairy farm employees. The newsletter is written by UW-Extension agriculture agents and specialists and is available in both English and Spanish to provide information directly to farm employees to help them improve their dairy cattle knowledge, maintain farm safety and improve their way of life.


Green County Hay Auction Summaries and Pricing Standing Forage

Hay auctions will be held every Tuesday at   Equity Livestock in Monroe, every Friday at the Citco Station in Monticello and the first and third Saturdays of each month in the Carter and Gruenewald lot in Juda. All sales start at noon.                                                     

B & M Auction- Monticello –   Apr 14, 2017
B & M Auction- Monticello –   Apr 7, 2017
B & M Auction- Monticello –   Mar 31, 2017
B & M Auction- Monticello –   Mar 24, 2017
B & M Auction- Monticello –   Mar 17, 2017
B & M Auction- Monticello –   Mar 10, 2017
B & M Auction- Monticello –   Mar 3, 2017
B & M Auction- Monticello –   Feb 17, 2017
B & M Auction- Monticello –   Feb 3, 2017
B & M Auction- Monticello –   Jan 27, 2017
B & M Auction- Monticello –   Jan 20, 2017
B & M Auction- Monticello –   Jan 13, 2017
B & M Auction- Monticello –   Jan 6, 2017
    Midwest Hay Price Report
Establishing a Value for 2017 Standing Haypdf icon

Starling Control on Farms:  Note: Starlicide Not Available for Winter 2016 -17!
For many years farmers have had problems with birds consuming livestock feed and defecating in feed/water and onto equipment and building components. These problems raise concerns about economic efficiency, animal health and equipment and building maintenance. There are a number of management strategies to remedy/reduce some of these problems. This article provides information on starling damage management


Calculate Your Crop Residue Value 
Placing a Value on Corn Stover   pdf icon
Utilizing Corn Stalk Residues for Dairy Cows and Heifers v3.0  pdf icon 

UW Performance Trial Results  

Corn Grain and Silage 2016 ~ Available in PDF Format
2016 Soybeans ~ Available in PDF or Excel Formats
Alfalfa, Grass, Clovers ~ Also download/view UWEX Bulletin
2016 Wheat ~ Available in PDF, Excel,or Bulletin Formats


Management Tools: Feed Inventory, Determining Feed Values

Bunker Sizing Feed Inventory Needs 
Tower Silo Capacity w/Refills 
Silo Bag Capacity 
Grain Bin Capacity 
Feed Storage Costs 
Making A Feed Inventory 2012  pdf icon
FeedVal 2012 On-line tool to determine best purchased feed values. Can be used for free by entering your email address.
Corn Silage Pricing Tool
Excel icon
Farmer to Farmer Hay and Forage Exchange: Find Sellers of Hay in the State  Web Link
Winter Wheat Establishment Recommendations  pdf icon
Fall Cutting Management of Alfalfa  pdf icon

Agronomy Advice – How to Check Corn Yields pdf icon
Pricing Drought Stressed Corn Silagepdf icon

Nitrate Toxicity Issues in Barren Corn pdf icon

Agriculture Lease Publications & Forms

Farm Land Cash Rental Contract Example Form (Short Form in Word)

Land Lease Contract Fact-Sheet pdf icon

Fixed and Flexible Cash Rental Arrangements For Your Farm (NCFMEC-01) (pdf)

Fixed and Flexible Cash Rental Arrangements For Your Farm (NCFMEC-01A) (pdf fillable form)

Crop Share Rental Arrangements For Your Farm (NCFMEC-02) (pdf)

Crop Share Rental Arrangements For Your Farm (NCFMEC-02A) (pdf fillable form)

Pasture Rental Arrangements For Your Farm (NCFMEC-03) (pdf)

Pasture Rental Arrangements For Your Farm (NCFMEC-03A) (pdf fillable form)

Additional Articles and Resources

2015 WAAE Conference Dairy Modernization Presentationpdf icon

2008 WI Dairy Modernization Survey (.pdf)

WI Dairy Modernization Fact Sheet (.pdf)

Assessing Alfalfa for Winter Kill Video

The Economic Impact of Agriculture in Wisconsin Counties

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