Welcome to the Green County 4-H Arts & Crafts Project!  Below are the scheduled Green County 4-H Arts & Crafts Workshops.

If you have any questions regarding the Green County 4-H Arts & Crafts Project, please contact the Green County UW-Extension Office at 328-9440.

Upcoming Events:

Fall Colors Photography Fun Show
1. People in the fall
2. Fall scenery
Rules for entrance:
Photographs must be turned in to the UW-Extension office by noon on October 20. All entries will be a single 5×7 photo on 6×10 white or black poster board. Include Name, 4H Club and camera used on back of photo.
Display Location:
Photographs will be displayed November 3 – December 2 at the Monroe Public Library.
A voting box will be located with the photography display for the public to vote on a people’s choice award for both categories.  The people’s choice awards and runners up awards will be presented on December 2 at 10:30 AM at the library.
Entry Pick-up:
Entries can be picked up following the display starting on December 11 at the UW-Extension Office.

State 4-H webpage for Arts & Crafts

Photography Committee Members

Chris Beer, 608-558-1684, email

Malissabeth Roe, 608-558-8344, email