Green County 4-H Goat Project members can access this page for important information regarding the Goat Project.  Updates will be made to events as applicable.  Resources are listed for websites to visit and learn more about the goat project as well.

If you have any questions regarding the Green County 4-H Goat Project, contact Ellen Andrews, Green County 4-H Youth Development Educator, at 608-328-9440 or by email at ellen.andrews@ces.uwex.edu.

Upcoming Meetings:

Upcoming Events:

Market Lamb and Market Goat Weigh-In
Saturday, April 22, 2017
9:00 – 11:00 AM
Green County Fairgrounds

All Market goats that will be shown at the Green County Fair will be weighed on April 22, 2017 from 9-11am and given RFID ear tags.  Each exhibitor can identify a maximum of 5 animals. There is no minimum or maximum weights for market goats on the 22nd, however, market goats do need to weigh a minimum of 45 pounds at the fair to be eligible to sell in the auction. Since the market goats will be tagged with official USDA tags, they will not need to have scrapie tags at the fair. However, exhibitors are reminded that all breeding goats will still be required to have a USDA Scrapie tag before the animals are allowed onto the fairgrounds this summer. The only exception to this is for breeding animals that have breed registration papers and a breed tattoo. If exhibitors plan to exhibit breeding stock they can order their own free scrapie tags by calling 1-866-873-2824.  Only Green County Fair market goats need to be pre-identified at this weigh-in on the 22nd. Animals that will be exhibited in the goat breeding classes at the fair are not required to attend the weigh-in. For more information, read the complete 2017 Lamb Goat ID Release or contact Mark Mayer, UW-Extension Ag Agent, at 608-328-9440.


2017 Goat Workshop Overview:
Our 2017 Goat Workshop at the Swedlund farm was a small success! We had 10 attendees. We were able to move everything indoors out of the weather. Dr. Chris Duemler of Brodhead Veterinary Clinic presented on grading goats, detection and treatment of parasites, and vaccinations. We wrapped up Dr. Duemler’s speech with a gas gift card for taking time out of his day to come and share his wisdom and knowledge with us to help our youth grow and learn in their projects. Chris Swedlund then presented on trimming of feet and clipping/fitting of a meat market wether. Robert Brugger joined us to answer questions about the difference between meat and dairy goats where fitting and clipping are concerned. He was also very helpful in answering various questions related to his fair experiences, such as Herdsmanship and Showmanship.
If you missed out on this year’s workshop and have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a Goat Committee member. We would love feedback from the attendees and other goat project members for ideas for next year’s workshop. See you at the fair!

Goat Resources:

American Dairy Goat Association                                                    Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association
American Boer Goat Association                                                 International Boer Goat Association
American Meat Goat Association                                                 American Goat Society
International Kiko Goat Association                                            Goat World
Fias Co Farm

Goat Committee Officers:

Deb Myers, Chair, 608-934-5460
Roxanne Paul, Secretary, 608-214-9061
Chris Swedlund, 608-558-3669, email
Amanda Swedlund, 608-558-3812, email