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AgSource is the largest full service DHI provider in the United States offering on-farm milk recording and sampling services, laboratory analysis, data processing and creation of management information. AgSource’s DHI Division equips dairy producers with information for effective herd management. AgSource’s DHI reports include herd and individual cow performance measures that aid in managing milk production, fresh cows, reproduction, replacement animals, genetics and milk quality.

DHI records measure a variety of performance factors – from milk production to SCC to dry period length to herd turnover to heifer reproduction- that allow dairy producers to effectively manage their businesses.  DHI records remain the rock-solid pillar in dairy financial analysis and planning.  No other record keeping entity has the positive impact for growth on the dairy as DHI records. AgSource’s accurate, detailed, concise and relevant information takes DHI to the next level in managing dairies.

Cows on AgSource’s DHI testing programs come in all herd sizes. By offering flexible, innovative programs, all types and sizes of dairies can effectively use DHI records to better manage their dairy businesses.

For more information on the Green County DHI programs, contact the DHI Office at 608-328-9380 or contact Mark Mayer, Green County UW-Extension Ag Agent at 608-328-9440.

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